Our Services

Sales Support


Our offerings focus on business metrics such as agent productivity, working capital efficacy, revenue assurance and customer satisfaction, in addition to operational metrics such as order turnaround time, yield and accuracy. Our suite of tools and enablers enhances process efficiency and reliability through business metrics that support your core sales process.

We support through the following offerings:

Pre-Sales Support (Telemarketing)

Helping your business development areas including lead generation, targeted marketing, campaign management, market research, appointment setting and administrative support is one of our key focus areas and particularly gains importance during economic downturns due to increased focus on sales cost optimization. Our solution focuses on cost reduction and revenue-enhancing initiatives helping build a highly effective sales organization for our clients. Pre-sales solution is an important service offering that helps maximize efficacy of the opportunity and sales management lifecycles.

Sales Support

KGiSL Sales Support Contact Center offer solutions that impact your top-line by accelerating revenue enhancement through Sales Support Processes. We cover areas including master data & campaign management, follow-ups to close the deal, response handling, order entry and administrative support. We up-sell and cross-sell your product or service and help increase your marketing potential.

Appointment Scheduling


KGiSL provides Appointment Scheduling support either within your existing in-house technology platform or our in-house platform and workflow, integrating our team with yours to provide you the support and flexibility you need to keep costs down and to maximize capacity. Our appointment scheduling team functions as an extension of your process and offer support functions. KGiSL’s proven expertise in front-office and scheduling process allows you to gain relief from the challenging, time-consuming manual work, while benefiting from reduced labor and processing costs.

Appointment Scheduling is ideal for

  • Physicians and other professionals
  • Service companies booking service requests
  • Event Registrations
  • Sales organizations converting prospects into customers
  • Scheduling interviews

KGiSL Order-to-Activation service is a combination of technology, services and operations with a structured methodology that aligns disparate systems and processes from order capture to service activation. This offering provides an improved customer experience by minimizing order errors and enabling successful fulfilment and activation for service provider offerings such as TV, internet, voice and bundles for residential and business customers.

Utilizing a holistic, automated, end-to-end approach that includes streamlined business processes, operations, tools and a success-based key performance indicator (KPI) business model, we help achieve greater efficiency. KGiSL Business Support Services offer data driven, actionable insights allowing you to continually refine and improve your operations, messaging and new customer acquisitions. KGiSL Contact Center infrastructure and company policies offer complete transparency in operations.

KGiSL’s state-of-art high-tech infrastructure, highly efficient talent pool and technology platforms helps provide efficient and effective contact Center support customized for clients. Service providers are increasingly turning to KGiSL for a combination of services and operations capabilities in customer service, as well as our decade of industry experience. Services are customized around the client’s specific needs and deliver highest quality service without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

MSO Activation


MSOs are constantly seeking to introduce new products and services to differentiate their offerings from competitors and alternatives. The challenge is how to encourage and increase successful adoption and activation of those new services.

KGiSL offers Order-to-Activation services to MSOs/Telcos, helping them in

  • Reducing order-to-activation costs
  • Improving fallout management
  • Achieving greater efficiency
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction
Technical Support


KGiSL Technical Support Contact Center is helping clients differentiate themselves through world-class product support services, helping them troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly, thereby improving service levels and attaining higher customer satisfaction. Our Product Support services are cohesively delivered through scalable technology-enabled solutions leveraging multiple channels, such as voice, e-mail, chat, remote assistance and web-based support, and covering the life cycle of a product. Building customer loyalty by swiftly troubleshooting and resolving tickets is the key to our differentiated services.

Our product support services include:

  • Customer Support Services (Customer Help Desk, Order Management, Up-sell/Cross-Sell, Complaint and Dispute handling)
  • Consumer Product Support Services (Installation/Configuration Support, Registration/Activation, Troubleshooting)
  • IT & Software Support Services (Application support services, System and Account management services)

Multi-Channel Technical Support Service Features

  • Program design, launch, and project management
  • Multi-channel support (phone, email, chat, portal/web, remote assist)
  • Services sales and payment acceptance/processing
  • Marketing support and campaign management, reporting and analytics
  • Service pricing options: Per incident, per minute, subscription, revenue share
Helpdesk Support


Leveraging a distributed team has become a normal business practice to separate and support growing businesses. May it be for your employees, customers or vendors, KGiSL can help set up a service desk that offer variety of support functions like knowledge base maintenance, employee retention, vendor management and handling enquiries as per the set standards. We assign you dedicated toll-free phone number and your service desk is at the end of an email or a phone call (we support multi-channels) to provide you with the support you need, when you need it.

We partner with clients and function as an extending wing incorporating the organizational culture and brand values. Our solution is configurable to support companies of all sizes. The service desk aims to make tasks as easy as possible while we do all the heavy lifting for clients.

If all you need is a few hours of work done a month regularly without having to intervene, we’ll make sure it runs along silently only bringing you back the analytics you need. The key goal that is important for us to work toward is establishing more value through higher customer satisfaction that goes beyond mere cost savings.

Administrative Support


Applying proven strategies, processes and technologies, we are frequently able to eliminate many of the inefficiencies that impede business functions like billing, order processing, scheduling, collections and disbursements. Less inefficiency results in lower costs and often helps companies improve customer service and even grow revenue.

KGiSL administrative support services offers solutions that help build a leading processing capability quickly and without large up-front investments. Our optimized back-office process is more accurate and efficient than most firms can achieve on their own. This helps them to simultaneously reduce costs, grow revenue and improve customer service.

For clients seeking a partial solution, KGiSL can smoothly complement your existing staff, functioning as a single focused team. No matter which technology platform you use, whether we host it or not, our business process support service is fully customizable and quickly scalable up and down to meet changing staffing demands to suit your operations.

Social Media Management


Customer relationships are increasingly shaped by powerful social media channels, self-proclaimed and bona fide influencers, bloggers and mobile apps. KGiSL Contact Center Services has proven capabilities in social media monitoring, data analysis and business intelligence to support clients with real-time awareness of current and impending customer viewpoints and a better understanding of how to respond to both the good and bad out there.

Our services include:

  • Supporting your social presence
  • Branding and positioning across leading social channels
  • Content creation
  • Staying on top with fresh and relevant content
  • Support you develop your network by inviting your communities
  • Promoting your company, your brands and/or products
  • Help build your social media policy and moderating adherence
  • Handling enquiries and responses following a defined process
  • Identifying opportunities to engage
  • Help identify and engage movers and shakers
  • Online reputation management
  • Social media analytics, insights and actionable recommendations
  • Search engine optimization