Key Differentiators

Support is offered to in-house recruitment operations (corporations, non-profit, hospitals, government, etc.) where talent acquisition/recruiting is performed to support internal needs rather than the commercial support of others. KG has the experience and is configurable to support any of the following:

  • Very large and multi-national talent acquisition organization
  • Medium and large recruiting group
  • Small recruiting unit (even with one part timer!)
  • Recruiting perform by HR (no “recruiting” specialists)

Key Benefits

  • Save time - Redirect saved staff time to higher impact activity
  • Manage cost - Save, avoid, and/or reduce direct and indirect expenses
  • Improve performance - Reduce vacancies, increase internal inefficiencies, shrink TTH and CPH
  • Expand services - More choice, speed, quality, information, options; Drive brand; Improve image


  • Removes constraints - Invest sufficient time on key projects (like social media)
  • Increases coverage - Let's say you recruit from 15-20 colleges, why not expand to 50+?
  • Reduces risk - Knowledge based decision making; eases the rush allowing time for accuracy
  • Empowers technology - Realize the potential by providing the constant time and effort required
  • Enables change - Frees staff member time allowing change initiatives to succeed