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Recruitment Services


Our offerings focus on business metrics such as agent productivity, working capital efficacy, revenue assurance and customer satisfaction, in addition to operational metrics such as order turnaround time, yield and accuracy. Our suite of tools and enablers enhances process efficiency and reliability through business metrics that support your core sales process.

Retained Recruitment Process Support Services

KGiSL is the global industry leader in high-impact recruitment solutions, offering fully customized, flexible strategies to help organizations meet specific workforce needs.

Every hire is important. By aligning the right people with your corporate goals, your business will be poised to gain a substantial competitive edge. We understand that recruiting new employees while juggling your regular workload can be a challenge. KGiSL Recruiting Services can relieve some of the stress by taking on the recruiting duties. We deliver you the best qualified candidates that are ready to hire, while you still maintain full control over hiring decisions.

The secret to our success is simple. We share and understand your objectives and leverage our resources to achieve these goals by finding the right people that help transform your business. We dig deep to learn about your company culture, competitive landscape and ideal candidate. Armed with this information, we develop and execute a recruiting strategy that gets results. We offer direct support services to organizations as well as to Intermediary and RPO client.

As part of our service, we perform a thorough, competitive analysis, gathering market information about your business, competition and candidates. Our analysis includes the average salary range for your ideal candidates, where your candidates are currently working, the size of your candidate pool and more. This helps us find people who are going to help your business thrive.

How we do it?

When you’re ready to get started with KGiSL’s Recruiting Services, our recruiting team will kick off the process with a telephone consultation. We’ll spend time learning about your company culture and how your business operates, identifying your needs and making recommendations based on our findings. We stand out from the competition by providing you a team of recruiting professionals working on your behalf. Your dedicated recruiter works with you to,

  • Understand the culture of your organization, identify your recruiting needs, determine job requirements and assign appropriate recruiters to the task
  • Works closely with your hiring team to handle the entire end-to-end recruiting process
  • Keep close communication on the progress of the assignment
  • Supports by networking and building talent pipelines through social networking channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and professional databases
  • Attraction Marketing - advertise your job and recommend the best strategy for posting positions
  • Administrative support like scheduling candidates for interviews
  • Assist with market research

Contingency Search

KGiSL HR Services is the global industry leader in high-impact recruitment solutions, offering fully customized, speedy and flexible strategies to help organizations meet specific workforce needs.

With proven strategies, processes and technologies, we will get you submits in less than seven days. You can count on speed, customization, analysis and thoughtful recruitment with our contingency offering. We bring an intense focus on delivering unparalleled talent who are not necessarily engaged in a job search who will drive economic value and positive impact for your company.

Pay only for performance: We offer Contingency Search services where there are no upfront fees or tie-in periods. You only pay a low fee for each hire that we provide. We view every vacancy we work on as an opportunity to build longer-term partnerships with clients based on trust, value and results, where our clients are confident that they have the right partner to deliver for them time and time again.

Professional Services

With more than a decade of connecting best job seekers and employers, our HR Services brings industry expertise, seasoned recruiters and talented professionals to every opportunity.

KGiSL offers a wide range of staffing options customizable to fit your unique needs. KGiSL can connect you to the largest and most diverse pool of candidates within a short turnaround. We have outstanding Recruitment Teams that builds trust and delivers the right commitment for the client. Please contact us for more information about our Staffing services.

Professional Service features

  • Customized full service range tailored to meet your demands
  • A prestigious brand name which instills trust and confidence
  • Commitment to quality and excellence
  • Personalized long-term relationship
  • Thoroughly pre-screened and passes our Quality Assurance Process
  • Our candidates are available for phone or in-person interviews
  • Access to dedicated staffing and after-hours scheduling personnel
Research Services


Market Intelligence

Hiring research is time consuming, labor intensive and requires internet savvy for seeking out ideal talent. This research is critical to organizations who want to stay abreast of their industry's competitive landscape. KGiSL HR Services assures you of high service quality by use of integrated processes, scientific approach, proven tools and techniques.

Our experts dramatically improve your company’s hiring capability, productivity and work quality. When you turn over this responsibility to KGiSL HR Services, you are assured of the services of certified researchers whose knowledge of advanced internet recruiting strategies translates into meaningful data for your firm. It significantly reduces the overall cost incurred in the recruitment process.

With access to desired talent becoming more challenging, Talent Market Research (TMR) offers an objective view to create or support talent sourcing strategies. Corporate recruiting organizations are provided with business intelligence regarding availability of talent critical to their operations. It explores opportunities to develop new and alternative pools as well as evaluating existing sources.

Why TMR?

For corporate recruiters, “business acumen” – i.e., quickly understanding and dealing with a business situation – is usually limited to interviews and filling reqs. In order to make a larger contribution to the company, though, business acumen needs to be applied on a broader scale. Think of the major strategic initiatives that corporate recruiters support, such as new market entry and product launches, and how your insights could be used to drive a more effective outcome.


  • Custom white paper analysis of talent pools within select geographies
  • Presents comparative statistics and charts describing talent pool locations and size
  • Provides sortable data tables with hyperlinks to  information sources
  • Includes representative names research to support development of  sourcing plans

For the major strategic efforts, it isn’t enough to source candidates and scan resumes. Corporate recruiters need to identify talent pools that may be difficult to find, develop talent contingency plans and raise any issues that could derail execution of the strategy as a whole. Unlike traditional corporate recruiting tasks, entering new markets or launching new products and identifying talent requires solid market research.

The primary objectives of TMR are

  • Quantifying the talent pool in market place and hence inferring the talent sources to be targeted
  • Gaining business acumen to support a company’s strategic initiatives (Ex: new market entry and product launches)
  • Gathering market intelligence to identify issues (risk) that could derail execution of the company’s strategy (Ex: Help infer shortages in talent, specific skills and competencies in chosen geographies)
  • Penetrating findings helps suggest strategic alternatives and to derive solution to challenges in the manner of a consultant (Ex: Help locate pool of rare talent involved in niche functions)

TMR service can support the expanded role of an acumen-fueled corporate recruiter. Our research team can gather the talent market intelligence you need to inform your company’s strategic initiatives and make bold moves more likely to succeed.

KGiSL Research Support Services are fully customizable and quickly scalable up and down to meet your changing needs. We offer research support to organizations as well as to Intermediary and RPO client.

HR Administrative Support


KGiSL HR Administrative Support Services are fully customizable and quickly scalable up and down to meet your changing needs. Admin support is offered either as a standalone service or as a packaged recruitment solution as per your requirements. HR Admin support is offered to organizations as well as to Intermediary and RPO clients. Our HR Admin Support streamlines the process of how your recruiting organization's service-related requests are placed and processed and enforces accountability.

Example Assignments

  • Background Checks
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Maintenance (Ex: Taleo, Vurv, Kenexa, Brassring, PCR, Avature etc)
  • Vendor Management System (VMS) Maintenance
  • Offer Management
  • Candidate profiles, executive bios and summaries
  • Side-by-side reports              
  • Posting ads and review applicants & other unsolicited resumes
  • Management reports
  • Resume formatting and QA
  • Transcription, recordkeeping, document preparation
  • Reference check and record confirm
  • Scheduling (e.g. interviews)
  • Structured interviews
  • Research (Intelligence gathering, subject investigation, resume sourcing, name generation)
  • Networking support & mass channels outreach (blogs, social networks, and forums)
  • Other HR back office functions customized to suit your needs