Corporate Social Responsibility

At KGiSL, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond business. That is why we established the KG Foundation and SRT (Social Responsibility Team) to provide assistance to some of the more socially and economically depressed sectors of the communities in which we work.

The KGiSL SRT and KG Foundation are dedicated to enriching the lives and enhancing the futures of less fortunate children and youth, families and the elderly with a focus on improving education, health care, rural development, social services and destitute care. When it comes to environmental conservation, KG Group has always been at the forefront. As we focus on our material aspects – energy, water, emissions, and waste, we are committed to providing appropriate technologies that enhance health and standard of living.

As our company has grown, this commitment has extended far beyond our own products and services and has been amplified many times over through our network of partners, including governments, nonprofits and other organizations.

Social Welfare

Shelter at Perianaikenpalayam

KGiSL dedicated a new shelter with a ribbon-cutting at Sub Registrar office in Perianaikenpalayam. The shelter protects the community from outskirts as they gather and await in the office. This is a small achievement in the grand scheme of things, but a great example of what can be done when people and organizations work together to make our common life better.

Substation at Keeranatham

KGiSL dedicated a substation that reliably delivers electricity to the Keeranatham area. KGiSL has built the new substation just off the SEZ property. This new substation provides many benefits to the Keeranatham community. The substation helps minimize power outages that might occur. The new substation was started with an aim of offering more power to the locality. More power routed to the area means that business in the area have room for more growth opportunities.

Toilet Facilities Built for Sarkar Saamakulam

KGiSL SRT identified the rural population in Sarkar Saamakulam living without access to clean and safe toilets. KGiSL built over a hundred (100) toilets in the rural areas of Kovilpalayam (Sarkar Samakulam) and educated the rural population of how basic sanitation and washing hands help stop spread of disease and improve health.

Health Care

Eye Camps

KGiSL SRT and KG Eye Hospital together has made great strides over the years in providing free eye care to communities in and around Coimbatore. We deliver service to the society by partnering with NGOs and non-profits.

In addition to this, we are very much involved in the community through programs such as ‘crusade against childhood blindness’, which is a paediatric eye program, aimed at elementary school children and inaugurated by former President APJ Abdul Kalam. Children are screened in their schools free of charge and brought to KGH if they require further treatment. Following table shows statistics of free eye camps and free surgeries are conducted.

Free Camp Statistics (as on 15/05/2014)
Year Campus Free Surgeries
2009 263 3138
2010 268 3138
2011 234 2710
2012 220 2551
2013 155 1659
2014 148 532
Total 3909 87553
KG Crusade against Childhood Blindness (as on 01/05/2014)
Squint Correction 46
Cataract Extraction with IOL 53
Develop Mental Galucoma Surgery 1
Retinal Detachment Surgery 2
Laser - DCR 3
Dermoid Cyst Removed 2
Misc 33
Total 148


KGiSL SRT donated furniture to "Government Primary Health Center" at Saravanampatti that included benches, chairs, steel Rack, ceiling fan and a water filter stand. The SRT white-washed the building and created a beautiful garden which is being maintained in the primary health center campus.

The RCC programme of KGCAS and the Govt team consisting of health nurses (Saravanampatti) for "Aids Prevention and Awareness Program" joined hands together to make the awareness programme more effective.


KGiSL Trust organizes periodic blood donation camps with an objective of helping the needy. Our SRT and dedicated blood bank team from KG Hospital constantly work with motivation to spread awareness about the goodness in donating blood. We rely totally on voluntary donors and dispense blood to those in need.

The KG Regional Blood Bank caters to the needs of more than 250 hospitals and nursing homes not only in and around Coimbatore, but also to those in neighbouring districts and states like Tiruppur, Erode, Nilgiris and Palakkad. We aim to meet the requirement of precious blood by organizing voluntary blood donation camps at education institutes, corporate offices and many other organizations and gatherings.

Educational Service

Computer Donation

KGiSL SRT has helped bring access to 100 new computer systems to needy educational institution, Saravanampatti Government School at no cost. The recipient school offers education to thousands of students each year and the value of equipment to the school and its students was incalculable. We are proud of these efforts that helped create great impact in the work of local school, fostering foundations for enhanced learning.


To support and help the people affected due to December 2015 rains and floods in Chennai, we joined hands to collect and ship basic amenities like clothes, blankets medical kits and other essentials to Chennai and Cuddalore through KGiSL Karangal. We distributed foods for 10,000 people and clothes for 25,000 people as first phase of contribution to Chennai on 5th & 6th Dec 2015.

KGiSL involved directly in shipping and distributing the items and ensured personal handover of materials to the needy.